We all want to live in a more enlightened spiritual world, but we do not know how to make the changes necessary to do it. We have never found a way through our minds, emotions (or our religions) into a place of clarity and connection to our own spiritual truths, most of which reside just on the other side of our conscious awareness.

I created this “technology of consciousness” to help us truly release the blockages that keep us from being free of restrictive belief systems and the fears they engender in us. We will accomplish this partly through clearing memories stored in our bodies.

Your body will help you open your memory banks and flush out their contents so that it can be free of a life ruled by association and repetition. First we will retrieve memories that will help to free you, and then we will clear them so that they can no longer be the silent manipulators of your life. It is these memories that repeat the past, magnetize the present and design the future.

We will first go through two Exercises in Consciousness and then you can practice the pattern using any question that is relevant to you. It does not take long to do this, but you need to be somewhere alone so that you are not disturbed for a short time.

First, close your eyes and take some deep breathes in order to allow your consciousness to turn inward.
Then ask your body to show you where you hold fear of God. (Even if you think you don’t, you can be sure that you psychogenetically carry within you such fear.) You may feel a sensation somewhere in your body or inner organs, you may hear the place or see it in your mind’s eye.

Bring your consciousness into that place and become aware of the fear. Let yourself touch it. Is it tight, dark, heavy?

Ask your body what color it needs to release this fear of God.
Take the first color or colors that come to your mind and imagine you are sucking the color into the place in your body and that this beautiful light frequency is washing away the fear. Let the light absorb the fear until you feel a shift.

Now ask your body where it holds a sense of love or connection to the Divine Source.

Again, bring your consciousness into that place in your body and imagine opening the encapsulation of the energy so that it begins to flow into every cell of your body. Then, extend it out from you into the world. Imagine it entering inot any situation, person, or place that needs this Divine connection.

As you can see, these Exercises in Consciousness can use either a negative or positive focus to rebalance and clear religious imprints.

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