The Evolution of God is a powerful wake-up call to mankind which offers insight, truths and tools that can change your life and the evolution of the planet TODAY from War to Peace. Chris Griscom international author and recipient of the Sewa Charkra award also bestowed on the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa, takes you on a profound and personal journey of the evolution of God and your own personal belief system.

Each piece of information provided along the way allows you to explore your repertoire of religion and sets a progressive path forward to creating inner and world peace though our ability to let our concept of God evolve.

Chris suggests that to achieve global unity and peace requires a 360 degree turn around in our thought forms of God and the religious structures we have created around this concept. If we truly wish to come to a new place of evolution we must shift from outer symbolism to inner experiential truth, and through this journey find out who we really are and what our real relationship is with the Divine Source.

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